About Us

Hi and Welcome Beauties & Cuties !

I’m Kay, sometimes going by my middle name Ariel, and I am the creator and CEO of Amoura K. Kosmetics. I am a native of Norfolk, VA but now reside in North Carolina. I hold a B.S from The Virginia State University and I’m a proud first time mommy to a beautiful, smart, and hilarious daughter, Amoura K. 
I officially started up in 2020 as Bella Noire Beauty, and re-branding in 2021, naming my new business after my biggest inspiration and blessing. My beautiful sweet strawberry baby, Miss Amoura K!
AK. Kosmetics is a natural and luxuriously handmade beauty brand created to help women accentuate their beauty while building their natural Konfidence! 
AK, as her family lovingly calls her, is the best thing that’s ever happened in my life. She is why I decided to leave my mark on an industry I’ve loved for the past 15 years. I took “my business is my baby” to a whole new level, lol. She has completely changed my mentality on life and has made me really want to set out to achieve my life goals. I want to show her “If mommy can do it, so can you”. My goal is to not only provide a good life for her, but to leave our imprint in the industry, and leave a legacy behind for my daughter. She is my greatest inspiration, my biggest ‘Why’ and I will forever be grateful.
From her birth, Amoura K. Kosmetics was born 💕