Hi Loves,

Thank you for trusting us with your beauty needs! Below you can find the answers to some of out most commonly asked questions. If your question is not here, you can always feel free to send us at email at Support@ShopAKKosmetics.com and we will do our best to assist you!

  • Are your products natural?
- YES! The ingredients we use in all of our products and natural, and our gloss base in also vegan friendly. It should be noted that while our gloss base is vegan friendly, ingredients added are natural, but may not be completely vegan.  
  • Are your products cruelty free?
- Absolutely. Our CEO has a degree in Animal Science, and has loved animals of all species throughout life. We LOVE our furry friends!
  • Do you use preservatives?
- We do use a natural preservative. This has multiple uses for each of our products. the number one use is to sustain the shelf life of our products just a bit longer. This preservative is also a precaution that aids against any moisture, mildew, or mold from forming.
  • What are the shelf life of your products?

- Different products have different 'expiration dates'. 

Glosses - 12 months

Skin Care - 6 months

  • What oils are in your lip glosses?
- Coconut, Sweet Almond, and Avocado just to name a few. There is also a full page of the ingredients for all of our products. Most products do contain nuts oils, so do not use if use are sensitive or allergic.
  • Are your products tested on animals?
- Never, ever. 
  • Do your products contain sunscreen?
- Our products do not contain sunscreen, but they do contain oils that may act as a 'natural sun screen'. As a general rule of thumb, you should wear sunscreen to protect against the suns rays.
  • Do you offer wholesale ?
YES! We will be offering wholesale on our glosses in the later part of 2022!